Waxed about buying records in Italy here.

Hit a Chicago flea market with pop artist Mitch O’Connell here.

Slammed into Lucha VaVoom in downtown Los Angeles here.

Celebrated a decade of Django Unchained here.

Visited pop culture mecca Bizarro-Wuxtry in Athens GA here.

Wrote about the incredible Des Moines comedy scene here.

Cooked up this piece on HBO’s Watchmen for The Wrap here.

Consulting Writer on pending TV project

Lee wrote about post-production on the Fox sci-fi show The Orville right here.

  • Lee’s piece on Showtime’s Shameless can be viewed here.
  • Dished the 411 on undercover hero films here
  • Prepped for impending nuclear fallout funsies here.
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  • Threw mad props to the SJ list gods here.   

Lee co-wrote the Fantasy Camp RPG with Geoffrey Golden; he was also a regular contributor to The Devastator Quarterly, a humor anthology that was lovingly curated by Devastator Press. Here are sample comics that he wrote for those books: 

Mooreburger was included in the Indie edition, which you can check out here.

Crisis of Infinite Firths was in the Crossovers edition, posted here


Lee’s work appears in the graphic novel Hero Hotel on sale now from Fanbase Press. HH is the creation of Disney Interactive and Oni Press creator Yehudi Mercado. You can order this family-friendly gem here

Ancient sample from The Lantern, newspaper of the The Ohio State University:

  • Lee wrote about Columbus media legend Fritz the Nite Owl here